Volume Converter


Most popular volume unit conversions

Most popular volume unit conversions

What is Volume Converter?

The volume converter is a web application that allows users to convert between volume measurements of various units. The application can convert standard volume measurements, such as liters and cubic meters, and more specialized units, such as barrels and hectoliters. The converter also includes several imperial volume measurements, such as gallons and pints.

Volume converter is an online tool that helps users to convert volume units from one system to another. It supports various volume units such as milliliters, liters, cubic meters, and gallons. With its user-friendly interface, the volume converter makes the conversion process easy.

Volume units

Choose the unit you wish to convert between imperial or metric systems. This calculator also includes:

  • (mm3) Cubic Millimeters 
  • (cm3) Cubic Centimeters 
  • (dm3) Cubic Decimeters 
  • (m3) Cubic Meters 
  • (cu in) Cubic inches 
  • (cu ft) Cubic Feet 
  • (cu yd) Cubic Yards 
  • (ml) Milliliters 
  • (l) liters 
  • Gallons (US)/Gallons (UK), (gal)
  • quarts (US) / quarts (UK) (qt)
  • pints (US) / pints (UK) (pt)
  • fluid ounces (US) / fluid ounces (UK) (fl oz)
  • US customary glasses/cups (236.59ml). (cups)
  • tablespoons (15ml) (tablespoons)
  • teaspoons (5ml). (teaspoons).

You can also check out our other amazing tools, such as the length and weight converter or the dimensional analysis calculator. These grams to cups and density calculators are great for converting weight to volume in recipes.

What if you want to find the volume in a different unit?

You can convert the units or use a formula. Common conversions include cubic centimeters to liters, feet to meters, gallons to liters, and square inches to meters2. Divide cubic centimeters by 1000 to get liters. Multiply by 3.2808 and divide by 100 to convert feet to meters. Gallons are converted to liters by dividing by 3.785 and multiplying by 1 liter.

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