Magnetism Converters

The magnets in a converter can be placed in a special configuration so that they produce, rather than soak up, magnetic flux. This configuration of magnets is called ‘reverse’ or ‘diamagnetic’ and it results in the production of an electric current.

Choose your desired Magnetism unit converters:

Magnetomotive Force Converter

Magnetic Field Strength Converter

Magnetic Flux Converter

Magnetic Flux Density Converter

With the help of this magnetic unit converter, you can quickly and accurately convert any unit into another. From teslas and gausses to amperes per meter and newtons per ampere, this easy-to-use tool simplifies the process – giving you reliable results in no time!

Choose Input Unit and Output Unit.

To get started, select the input unit and output unit from the drop-down menus. Then enter your desired value in the box provided and click “Convert” to instantly see the result in the output unit of measurement. With this intuitive magnetic units converter, you have all the tools you need to seamlessly convert between different types of measurements.
The converter is incredibly versatile and can be used to convert between magnetomotive force (mf), ampere-turns (at), weber/square meter (wb/m2), kA/cm (kA/cm), kilopolus (kp) and gauss centimeters cubed (G cm3). Additionally, the tool automatically displays the conversion factor associated with each unit depending on the measurement you choose. With this magnetic units converter, you’ll never have to worry about converting between different measurements again!
MAGMOD’s magnetic unit converter is easy to use. To convert a given measurement, simply select the input unit, type in the value you wish to convert, click “Calculate,” and finally select your preferred output units. Instead of trying to calculate the conversion manually or using a lookup table, this tool gives you an accurate conversion result in just three clicks! Whether you need to calculate ampere-turns from weber/meter squared or kA/cm from gauss centimeters cubed — MAGMOD’s magnetic unit converter will make your calculations quick and easy!
MAGMOD’s magnetic unit converter works with a variety of standard units, such as ampere-turns, weber/meter squared, and kilogauss centimeters cubed. It also supports non-standard conversions between SI and derived units for certain quantities. Because it uses the unified atomic mass unit (u or Da) for electromagnetic measurements, MAGMOD’s magnetic unit converter is reliable and easily interpretable by scientists and engineers worldwide. Using this tool makes it much easier to interpret measurement results from any region or standards organization around the world in a standard format.

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